Liquid Assembly Technology applied in manufacturing Micro LED



  As the most popular new technology for next generation in LED industry, Micro LED has been widely acknowledged throughout the whole industry. More and more companies started to invest and make strategic planning on the research of Micro LED product, which made a big progress now. In the 15th International Display Conference recently held in China, Mr Li, founder & CEO from eLux Co., LTD shared his opinion on how to use the advanced technology manufacturing Micro LED in low cost.




  It is well-known that the key technology for Micro LED manufacture is MASS TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY. Mr Li said, Micro LED will be one of the most competitive display technology in the future, which has the incomparable advantages like self illuminous, sharp color performance, high contrast ratio and brighntess, along with low consumption as well as long life span. However, the current manufacturing cost for Micro LED display exceeds 100,000 USD ( 4K>100 inch), it will push the Micro LED market greatly and create more areas applied by Micro LED if the problem of high manufacturing cost is resolved.


  How to get the cost down on Micro LED is the main focus in LED industry, Mr Li said LED chip cost accounts for more than 50% of the LED display products, if minimize the LED chip in 25 times, the cost will go down 20 times; The assembling cost accounts for 25% of the LED display products, increase the assembling speed in 40 times will reduce the cost in 40 times; Therefore, he thought minimizing the chip and speeding up the assembling are two efficient way to get Micro LED cost down. " it will reduce 70% of LED display manufacturing cost by the above two ways.


  Meanwhile, he pointed out that the manufacturing cost for Micro LED will decrease substantially in the coming days, for example it will take 480 hours to produce one 4K LED display with the most advanced assembling machine in current stage, it will only take 12 hours to do the same job by the " Liquid Assembly New Technology".


  Mr Li told that eLux will pay more attention to big scale LED display (> 100 inch) and tiny display application ( around 1 inch), especially 4K & 8K big screen in entainment and commercial applications, and he would also make strategy plan on vehical display market.


                                                                       ( Resource: the report record of the 15th International Display Conference)


2019-07-04 15:32